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In an era dominated by social media, video platforms and streaming services, businesses grapple with challenges in monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of their marketing spend. Traditional methods fall short in assessing live content, making it difficult for companies to gauge brand perception and the impact of collaborations with content creators. Loyalift, a revolutionary AI-driven solution, addresses these challenges by providing real-time, cross-platform Market Research and Marketing Analytics. This whitepaper explores the existing issues faced by businesses and illustrates how Loyalift's innovative models empower companies to make data-driven decisions, unlocking new possibilities in marketing strategy.


The digital landscape has evolved and with it, the dynamics of marketing and market research have undergone a paradigm shift. Traditional methods struggle to keep pace with the uncharted territories of social media, video platforms and live content. Loyalift emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering a comprehensive solution to the inherent challenges faced by businesses in monitoring advertising effectiveness, brand perception and Call-to-Action execution across diverse platforms.

The current market challenges:

Unmonitored Marketing Spendings

Inability to Evaluate Live Content

Limited Insights into Brand Perception

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Unmonitored Marketing Spendings

Companies invest significant budgets in promotional activities on social media, video platforms and streaming services without a clear understanding of the return on investment (ROI). Loyalift addresses this challenge by providing a centralized dashboard that allows businesses to assess the performance of their collaborations with content creators seamlessly.

Inability to Evaluate Live Content


Evaluating live content is a formidable task, with manual transcription and analysis being time-consuming,  ineffective and impractical. Loyalift's AI model changes the game by continuously & automated tracking, analyzing and evaluating live content across all social media platforms and user-generated content (UGC) environments.

Limited Insights into Brand Perception

Existing methods for market research in user-generated content environments are manual, thus inefficient, limited and lack the much needed precision. Loyalift's AI model introduces a revolutionary approach, providing companies with the ability to measure, analyze and understand brand perception in real-time across various platforms.

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How Loyalift solves the market challenges:

Cross-Platform Interactive Market Research

Collaborations Dashboard

Automated Marketing Analytics